Like many foreigners in Shenzhen, Amy became spoiled by her ayi (domestic housework helper) while she was living there. Shenzhen, although getting increasingly expensive by the year, is a cosmopolitan paradise, replete with world-class apartments and an abundance of maids - who only charge 30 yuan ($4.74) per hour.


That said, the quality of cleaning by most Chinese ayi often leaves much to be desired. Many expats complain that their ayi are lazy, will only do what you specifically tell them to, and are not sanitary or hygienic (e.g. using the same cloth to clean a toilet and the kitchen counter). Stories of theft by ayi are also common; according to media reports, some ayi even go so far as murder just to gain favor (and bonuses) from their wealthy employers.


Amy’s first experience, however, was a big disappointment. They were recommended a helper.

The first time the helper cleaned our apartment, she put on her A-game. But her work quickly got sloppy. We asked her to spend 30 minutes on the floor, but she only cleaned it for 10. The bathroom was also always left dirty. We decided to fire her after less than two months.


A friend of Amy’s husband had a very efficient maid for eight months. But right before summer holiday she suddenly disappeared without explanation. I had a similar experience. My hard-working ayi from East China's Anhui Province worked for several families in the same residential compound. But one day she just disappeared, not bothering to return our calls.

Many expats also complaimed that Ayi would steal thing during their working time, they felt annoyed about that.


Based on these examples, we can see that problems encountered by employers with their household help are unhappy.


Finding a good ayi in China requires a long trial-and-error process, not to mention a great deal of luck. The GDO Weekly reported in July 2017 that there are as many as 2,400 ayi agencies in Shenzhen alone.


The best way to find a good Ayi is to find a professional Maid Service Company, instead of hiring them by people’s personal recommendations or simply posting an ad at your local supermarket. They offer professional training to the maid, the most important thing is that the Maid Service Company guarantee the workers quality. They only choose qualified maids for you! 

Dr. John, a 38-year-old doctor working at Shenzhen Shekou Hospital, had no time to do housework. He hired a maid from Shekou Service Agent, he was very satisfied with the helper, he said “she comes to my apartment on time, and she’s an efficient worker. Thanks to her efforts, I can focus on my job!”

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