The annual “Run The Track” is back again for what sets out to be a memorable year!QQ截图20181120204136.png 

At 10:00 am, tomorrow (Nov. 21st), the registration channel will open for 10,000 lucky participants! So get your fingers ready and sign up as soon as possible to claim your spot!


Race Categories:

21.6KM 4 Laps Run: 4000 people

5.4KM 1 Lap Fun Run: 6000 people

Race Venue:

Shanghai SAIC International Circuit


Race Time:

9 am, January 1st, 2019

Sign-ups work on a first-come-first-served basis, 

so grab your spot quickly before our quota fills up!

Registration Time starts:

 November 21st, 2018, 10:00



As the only F1 Track marathon in China and the world, Run The Track has attracted nearly 40,000 runners over the past four years!

It is the most popular New Year's road race in China and is well received by roadrunners and car fans across the country. The number of entries has been tight for years, with 10,000 slots being snapped up in only one hour last year.



This year, Run The Track will celebrate its fifth birthday with a “High Five” theme.

This is not only the track assembly order issued by the race to all the runners but also the long-term vision set by the race for itself - on the first day of the New Year, we go on the track and struggle through the challenges together...


On the fifth anniversary of the event, the format, service, and experience will be fully upgraded with a number of innovative initiatives.

  • The launch of the parent-child carnival for the first time

As Run The Track is limited to the age of 12 or older, many parents felt disappointed that they couldn't take their children to the Track together.

This year, Run The Track will make up for it!

The competition will launch a "parent-child carnival" activity, which is tailored to children and families aged 5-12 years old.

There are only 200 groups of families set for this carnival. 


  • Four-star runners sign up in advance

In the past four years, Run The Track has accumulated a large number of die-hard fans, and the "four-star runners" who came to Run The Track have exceeded 300 people for four consecutive years.

This year, we will give our heartfelt thanks to them with the greatest gratitude: all four-star runners will have access to the fifth race, and the race registration channel will be open to four-star runners in advance.



After successfully signing up, you will be upgraded to a "five-star" runner status and receive exclusive benefits specially customized for the race!

  • Unparalleled, a different challenge

This year, the competition will launch its "Unparalleled" challenge for runners with a distance of 21.6 kilometers. Let the runners play a different challenge.

We encourage every runner to come up with their own Personal Best (PB). Those who have participated in the race can try to beat their previous one. If it is the first time to compete, the organizing committee will select a random rival for runners to pick by the system, hoping that each runner can start the year with a victory.

Additionally, all runners who finish the 21.6 km race will also get the benefit of being boarded in a morning newspaper once. The race will display the name and result of each runner who successfully completes the race in a 2-full-page publication. The information will be entered when you register, and we will send this "report card" to your home by express mail.

  • The fifth anniversary of the big New Year celebration gift

It has been a tradition for Run The Track to present large and luxurious gifts.

On the occasion of this fifth anniversary, in addition to maintaining the tradition, luxury gifts will be upgraded across the board.

This year's in-depth joint event, the Jiushi event group, will send the ultimate prize to the champion -- VIP viewing package of Jiushi's top events, including the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix, the grand equestrian world championship, and the VIP viewing package of ATP1000 Shanghai Rolex masters!


Of course, the highly-acclaimed "grand car awards", "overseas marathon awards", "fastest lap awards", "race meeting record awards" and the rich content of the on-site lottery activities will continue to maintain a high profile, as they have in previous years.

Many of the best gifts offered by tournament partners are already lined up for the lucky ones to pick up.

  • Welcome to the new party, carnival atmosphere

Every year, runners participating in "Run The Track" are impressed by the New Year celebration atmosphere here. This year, we will continue to make the scene an auspicious and happy welcome party.

Remember those years filled with wishes of the "New Year wall”? This year, it will be a gorgeous transformation: we will not only carry more blessings but also meet the runners to "bring the blessing home" with small wishes.


The Shanghai Sports Lottery Management Center has been a special support unit of "Run The Track" since 2016, providing New Year competition lottery tickets for all contestants every year.

This year, the sports package also ushered in a major upgrade: in addition to the competition lottery, each finisher can get RMB 10 in the face value of the "running" instant lottery 1, with a maximum bonus of RMB 100,000.


But wait, there’s more! In order to allow more friends who are interested in the New Year run but can't make it to the scene without any regrets, we will conduct the "New Year koi big blessing bag" lottery online, and open the prize on New Year's day, hoping that more road runners can share the joy of this auspicious welcome to the New Year.

  • Service for runners: no best, but better.

Continuously, ”Run The Track" has been putting the improvement of race service and running friend experience at the core of the event.

This year, Salomon, one of the world's top outdoor sports brands, will once again join hands to provide professional clothing for runners.


A reminder that only those who have completed the registration for the 21.6 km category can participate in the selection of "best rabbit". So, if you want to be part of the most memorable event with beautiful scenery on January 1, 2019, don't forget to get up early tomorrow morning to claim your spot! Each bunny will be given professional running gear by Salomon.


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Meanwhile, please pay close attention to the official website of the event and the official WeChat and Weibo accounts of the event to stay tuned on any updated information.

Official Website: www.runthetrack.com


  • About Run the Track

Founded on January 1, 2015, the thriving fourth ring road is the world's only half-marathon event held on the F1 circuit, aiming to create the most unique "track running" theme label and healthy orientation culture.

In the context of the craze for urban marathons, Run The Track has created a theme culture of track running. For the first time, it has opened the door of F1 paddock to runners and car fans, allowing them to write down a word with their feet on the first day of the New Year, which means good luck, health, and happiness. The unique track running experience provides an auspicious and satisfied welcome atmosphere, making “Run The Track” a new trend in road races.