Rumor has it that 3 new iPhone models will be revealed at this year’s Apple Press Conference in September, but one of the major reveals happens to come from Apple itself, albeit inadvertently.

Since the iPhoneX press conference, there has been no concrete proof hinting towards the development of a dual-SIM iPhone until one of the company’s programmers dug through the codes of Apple’s iOS 12 beta build and found references to a “second SIM status”. But is that enough evidence to assume Apple is finally ready to launch a new dual-SIM iPhone model this coming month?



Facing increasingly strong competition and tighter revenues in China, it would only make sense for Apple to meet the demands of many of its loyal customers worldwide and particularly in China by adding a dual-SIM feature to its new iPhone models. Despite all its obvious upsides, a lack of dual-SIM support is rather unique to the iPhone as other Android devices from companies like Huawei, Vivo and others already offer two SIMs. And it appears that this new dual SIM function will for now only be available for iOS in China while other markets will remain with one SIM tray.

Why would a dual-SIM iPhone be so popular in the Chinese market? One reason is that given the fluctuating roaming fee of SIM cards, having the possibility to choose between the cheapest option and switch SIM cards without having to pull out the tiny SIM tray ejector tool to make the change. But swapping SIMs comes especially handy when crossing borders between, say, China and Hong Kong or other territories outside of the mainland which would then only be a matter of a few taps to switch SIMs and carry on with your business.


Many of China’s netizens have raised their suspicions; all there is left to do for everyone is to wait until Apple’s press conference this coming September and see if the rumors that have been flying around hold true. Would you buy a new iPhone if it supports dual SIM? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source : 粤后生粤敢讲