As I was scrolling through Weibo the other day, one post caught my attention.

 A female user had asked her boyfriend what he’d gotten up to during the weekend and, more specifically, whether he had hung out with any other girls. 

The boyfriend quickly responded saying that he felt tired from work and the cold he had been dealing with, and thus just stayed at home all weekend.

But the next day, the girlfriend went to Alipay to steal his green energy and found out he had 180g available. 

(Ant energy is an application which guides users to improve the environment by planting trees with low-carbon businesses of Alipay. One real tree will be planted for each tree grown)


This 180g green energy exposed her boyfriend's itinerary because if you buy movie tickets online, the next day you will get 180g energy.  

It’s obvious that he lied to her. And she knows him well enough to confirm that there’s no way he went to watch that movie alone.

So after repeatedly questioning her boyfriend, he finally gave in and told the truth: he did go to the movies with another girl.  l.png

Some netizens even shared the meaning of each green energy. fgfdgd.png

(Well, I didn't know these green energies have meaning before. 

But I'm single all the way, whatever sdfs.png)

Have a look


Some people say when girls fall in love, they will become 0 IQ. 

But I don't think so. Girls are incredibly observant and have a good sixth sense. Boyfriends hate women's guesswork because they're so good at it. Am I right?2_02.png



Many other female users shared their experiences of how they found out that their boyfriends were cheating on them:


My boyfriend said he was hanging out with his male friend and sent me this picture.  Ok, I found out he lied to me only by looking at the picture HE sent to me.


Turn the spoon upside down and you will see there is a girl with long hair.



My boyfriend said he went traveling on his own, 

and I asked him to send me a picture. 

Then I found out the nail on his suitcase shows two people.  f.png




My boyfriend said he was having fun on his own and sent me a selfie.

What the heck? Is he an idiot? I can see a girl through his sunglasses!smiley_70.png



My boyfriend went to the beach and showed me a picture of snails.

Me: Why are you carrying another girl’s handbag?



He wouldn't let me touch his phone and turned it off when I looked at his screen. f.png


His cell phone rings. There's a message. But he looked at me first. 

You should look at your phone when it rings. Why are you looking at me for???2_02.png


I had a long-distance relationship with my ex-boyfriend. 

He shared a house with a girl.

Once I went to look for him in the dormitory and found water stains on the bathroom door and water spots all the way to the living room.

I knew then that my boyfriend had been cheating on me.


Why? The water stains mean somebody took a shower and left the door open. 

The water spots all the way means whoever was in there didn’t bother to dry off and probably walked back out fully naked. And that means, well… you can figure that one out on your own.j.png


I’m a policeman. I can search my girlfriend's records to hotels and I quickly found that she was cheating on me. 


I found that my Alias on his WeChat changed from "baby k.png"  to my full name and his phone wallpaper got rid of our selfie. 


Well, I found out my bf has many tags on WeChat. I’m under "relatives" and I noticed that there’s another tag called "company superior".  

I clicked to check the list and saw a girl’s alias as "Marketing department- boss Zhang". I sensed that something was off, but I couldn’t tell what. 

And then I saw a WeChat message from her:

"Baby, I'm so tired. When will you come?"l.png


I had afternoon tea with my boyfriend and he went to the toilet. His phone was on the table so I looked at his WeChat and phone messages. 

Guess what: nothing. He deleted all messages. He must be hiding something…


My boyfriend was trying to post the selfie with another girlfriend on his WeChat moment and put me to the "Don't share" list but accidentally clicked "share to" me. l.png


I think every girlfriend or boyfriend can't accept that their “significant” other may be lying to them.

Have you been cheated on before? If so, how did you find out? 

Hopefully, not a lot of you will answer “Yes” to this question… 

I wish every couple to remain in love and faithful now and in the future. m.pngGIC QR Code.jpeg

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