In this year's CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the large-scale martial arts program "The Soul of Shaolin" made a shockingly strong debut with reactions from all corners of the globe, both in China and abroad.


Following the program’s debut, online users came out to support the show, calling it “epic” and “fantastic”, going as far as deeming it “one of the most amazing things I’ve seen.” 

In this program, thousands of martial arts teachers and students bring dazzling performances to the audience with their neat and uniform movements.


Accompanied by thrilling music, the uniform, and magnificent Shaolin Kung Fu performance brings you to the edge of your seat as it switches between building human towers, Shaolin boxing, Bagua Array and other eye-dropping shapes, both moving like the tide and static as a rock.


少林 = Shào lín 






Fú = 福 

If you want to know more about "福", 

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As you can imagine, this program (and the performances shown in it) is very difficult to arrange and execute. More than 20,000 Tagou school students come out as one, coordinating and working together as if they all had the same brain to skillfully compose a series of words such as "spring", "fu" and "Shaolin" among others (Tagou martial arts school is the top school of Chinese martial arts). 

When more than 6,000 square meters of five-star red flag squares appeared, audiences jumped to the tip of their feet to applaud and burst into tears. This was a very moving and beautiful performance all around.


Spring = 春 chūn


“The Spirit of Shaolin” has set a Guinness World record for the number of martial arts performers performing at the same time as well as for the difficulty of their act. It also shows the great importance the motherland attaches to martial arts and traditional culture.


Almost every Spring Festival gala must have at least one martial arts program, which is an unwritten rule that is taken quite seriously. The strategic significance of martial arts even exceeds that of football, because martial arts is the national art of China.

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