The other day, Alibaba future hotel opened!


Location: Xixi, Hangzhou 杭州西溪

Step 1: Open Alipay and book a hotel room in the Future Hotel未来酒店!


Step 2: Check into the hotel. The highlight is here.

Entering the hotel, it begins with an empty lobby with no front desk, no cashiers and no lobby manager.


Go ahead, there is an elevator aisle.

In the middle of the aisle stands a meter-tall aid called "T-mall AI genie".


No front desk registration required, just look at it for two seconds.

You have completed all the hotel check-in procedures.

No floor display and no need to press any button.

As soon as you get to the elevator door, the elevator will recognize you automatically and open for you.


After you start, you will be taken to the floor of your booked room.

When you come to the door, stand in front of it for 2 seconds to unlock it automatically.


There is no need to insert a card in the room, let alone manually press the light switch.

All the equipment in the room is equipped with artificial intelligence.

Whether you want to turn on the TV, turn on the light or turn it off, open the curtains, turn on the air conditioner or even ask for the WiFi password.

Just say what you want,

The little Tmall AI genie in the room will help you out: Your wish is his command!



It's even easier to check out; Just open Alipay and pay, and that’s it!

Pack up your bag and leave!

No deposit required! No front desk, no waiters, no cashiers!

Enter the room first, and pay last!


Even if you're hungry in the middle of the night and want to order food, all you have to do is to whisper to the head of the bed.


The intelligent robot will automatically send your food to your room.

Various gyms and entertainment rooms are available.

Even if you want to sing karaoke, exercise, or swim in the middle of the night, 

you can go to the hotel gym without reservation.

Just scan your face and enter. It’s that simple.


Wow, that does sound amazing...

Although we now know more about this kind of unoccupied hotel like Alibaba Future Hotel, the technology used is so advanced that it took a long time before its popularity could grow across the entire country.

Undoubtedly, however, such sophisticated hotels or unmanned supermarkets like the one that launched last year will be a common sight in 10 years’ time!

No paid personnel, low expenditure; The biggest killer in the future!


In 2017, Jack Ma announced to the World Internet of Things Exposition (WIoT) that mankind was about to face a big impact!

People in the future will only have to work three days a week, four hours a day.

Those most coolies, the simplest work, all will be replaced by artificial intelligence robots.

The simplest jobs -- cleaners, waiters, cashiers and takeout workers -- are set to get hit the hardest in the next decade.

What do you think?

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