A strange fruit with a strong smell, have you ever tried it? It’s really weird! 


Durian, a fruit with a strong smell is banned in some countries public transport because it smells so strong. 100 people were asked to have a taste of a durian. Let’s see how they react to this strange flavor!


Can you remember the first time you ate a durian?

100 people who have never eaten durian before are asked to have a taste of durian. What they describe the smell and taste of durian are as all sorts of strange things, gasoline, mould, butt...... 

Below is some comment:

Lan taoer love fashion: I think that is the normal expression when westerners eat what they have never tried before.

Hhhernando: I see many Europeans would like to think “I don’t know it so I don’t like it.” They tend to accept many things with some kind of bias from the beginning. I think this attitude is weird.

A gracious animal: He says that smells like shit!

Little fairy's bedtime story: You will definitely vomit when the fist time you eat it.

June Biao: I came fond of it when I tried at the first time.

Der-ahnenkult: It’s normal if they have never eaten it, but it seems that they even never seen it before.

Qing Mao Zai: Durian is fruit produced from Southeast Asia, which it is not easy to keep fresh and goes off rapidly. This is why durian is so expensive when sold in China. If you go to the place of origin Thailand, it’s extremely cheap, and of course, it is the freshest here. 

If it’s shipped far to western counties, it’s even more difficult to preserve the freshness. In the video, somebody said it smelled like onion. That is supposed to mean that it has already gone bad.


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Bo Yin: The frozen durian is very delicious, has a good mouth feeling, like durian ice cream.

Qing Mao Zai: After seeing their reaction, I guess that’s because the fruit has already gone bad. The highly ripe durian smells like onions actually. When I buy durian, I must have a taste of it before I buy! Durian that is just ripe, not too green nor too mature, is very delicious, which is worthy of the title of  “the king of fruits”.

Source from WeChat  Account : hereinuk

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