Drake’s latest single In My Feelings became one of 2018’s hottest sensations after the comedian Shiggy filmed himself dancing happily to the song while pretending to be steering a car, which led way for what is now known around the internet as the Kiki Challenge named after the lyrics “Kiki, do you love me?”. Thousands of social media users have been posting their own videos to show off their booty-shaking skills. 


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American comedian Shiggy sparked the #DoTheShiggyDance movement on social media and since then, he's seen his Kiki Challenge go viral all over the internet. Superstars like Will Smith are also joining the fun.

Will Smith 


Girls' Generation:Yoona and Hyoyeon




It started off like any other online dance challenge has in the past, with users posting their own videos from the comfort of their bedroom or on tropical beaches. But the challenge began spiraling out of control with its latest twist: passengers getting out of their car and dancing alongside it while it’s still moving.



Looks cool, right? Don’t let the fun footage fool you… Not every challenge posted online is as safely executed as you might think.




Some participants pay so much attention on how they’re going to dance to the song that they often forget to think of everything else and make sure the situation doesn’t get out of control. And by “situation”, we mean their car…


Life is full of surprises - sometimes good, other times bad. Real bad. 


But the most important thing is that you have to take responsibility for your own life. If you don’t, no one else will.



In fact, the situation got SO bad that several users can be seen being run over and crushed by cars in the last few seconds of their videos, which have circulated all over the internet. They went from feeling extremely happy to feeling nothing at all.

                                                                                                                                                                     15.jpg                                                         Photo credit:英国报姐

Although the #DoTheShiggyDance movement started in the United States, its challenge spread internationally and has paved way for similar accidents in multiple countries around the world, many of which have resulted in the death of the user.  One 18-year-old reportedly tripped while getting out of her car and suffered from severe skull damages after her fall. While she was lucky enough to come out of it alive, many others have met a more unfortunate fate.


The vitality of the Kiki Challenge has gone as far as attracting the attention of many governments. Police forces in countries like the United States, Spain, and Malaysia have issued warnings targeting young people and asking not to risk their lives “just for fun”.GICA.jpgGIC2.jpg