The popularity of Chinese TV shows has been slowly on the rise. In 2016, we saw wonderfully addictive shows like Love O2O, Les Interprètes, and Memory Lost, all of which you can find on DramaFever. Now, meet the top-rated dramas that premiered in 2017, plus a new drama called A Seven-faced Man, that’s coming to DramaFever on December 13. On this list, we’ve ranked the dramas based on star ratings. Some dramas are not as widely viewed as the others, which means there’s a chance for you to discover new-to-you favorites! Scroll down to reveal them all!


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1. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

4.8 Stars

3500+ Reviews

58 Total episodes | Dragon TV | 2017

If you believe that true love continues beyond one’s lifetime, then this show is for you. When a high goddess and monarch of the Heavenly Realm meets the crown prince, little does she know that in another lifetime, they were lovers. He, however, remembers their time perfectly and thus begins a love story in another world and another era.



2. Lost Love in Times

4.5 Stars

1500+ Reviews

56 Total episodes | Dragon TV | 2017

A powerful sorceress has to leave her love to save his life, the ultimate sacrifice, but all the evil in the world can’t keep them apart. They reunite when she least expects it. Eventually, she learns that even altering the flow of time cannot stop true love.

Actor Cecilia Liu and director Lin Yu Fen collaborated again on this epic love story since filming Scarlet Heart.



3. Ode to Joy 2

4.4 Stars

200+ Reviews

55 Total episodes | Dragon TV | 2017

Five women with different backgrounds, goals, and personalities are unlikely friends, but as they learn, being neighbors has its own way of keeping you tied together. Ode to Joy 2, the second season of Ode to Joy, is the most-viewed contemporary drama in China, and also broke the Youtube record for most watched C-drama.



4. The King's Woman

4.3 Stars

2000+ Reviews

48 Total episodes | Zhejiang TV | 2017

Actress Dilraba Dilmurat of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms plays a woman who is torn between her husband and true love. To save her true love, she marries the most ruthless king in history. She realizes the king is actually a kind, misunderstood soul. While she slowly falls for the king, her true love arrives to take revenge on the king and reclaim his love.



5. Game of Hunting

3.7 Stars

50+ Reviews

52 Total episodes | Hunan TV | 2017

An ambitious headhunter makes a misstep and loses everything he has worked for. His enemies take everything, and now he must return the favor. 



6. The Perfect Match

3.5 Stars

95 Reviews

22 Total episodes | Sanlih | 2017

In this Chinese-language drama from Taiwan, an arrogant chef challenges a gorgeous street vendor to work with him and recreate his most famous recipe in seven days. The kitchen is about to get really hot!



7. A Seven-Faced Man

Premieres on Dec. 13

38 Total episodes | Tencent | 2017

When medical trainee Bai Xin Xin (Cai Wen Jing) agrees to become Shen Yi Zhen’s (Zhang Yi Shan) personal physician, she has no clue about his seven different personalities. Will she be able to help him manage his personalities or get swamped by the monkey mind?



Lastly, other classic C-dramas to check out are Nirvana In Fire, Imperial Doctress, and Scarlet Heart. Scarlet Heart (2011) was remade into a Korean drama, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, in 2016. If you're more of a film person, check out Fall In Love Like a Star, a romantic movie starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng or The Witness, a thrilling action movie starring Yang Mi and Lu Han.

What’s your favorite Chinese TV show? 

Source: dramafever

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