When you live in China you pick-up some interesting behaviors. Some are good, and others are less than savory. You definitely know you've lived in China when you do the following! 

1) You forget about personal space


Between the crowded subways, jam-packed buses, and egregiously long queues, your personal bubble got popped in China. 

Now you wake up, hop on the bus, and spend 30 minutes straddling an old lady, all before clocking-in. 

2) You shamelessly take selfies 


Let's face it: China is the Land of Selfies. There is just a certain infatuation people here have with taking selfies. You don't have to go to a famous tourist spot to see people whipping out their phones to take selfies. You can see it in any restaurant, sidewalk, or subway station. 

Why are you taking a selfie on the bus? It's not that exciting. 

Oh well, after living in China for a while, perhaps you too will pick up this habit. 

3) You use hand signs saying numbers 6-10



When you start throwing up the "hang loose" sign every time you say 6, perhaps it's time to pack your bags. 

You sure as hell don't want to walk into a bank back home and throw up the symbol for 8. 

4) You let your girlfriend walk home alone at 2 AM 


China is pretty safe compared to a lot of countries. As an American, I would never let me girlfriend walk home alone, especially in a major city. In China, I don't think twice about it. 

Or if you're a woman, you probably feel much more comfortable walking alone at night than in your home country. 

5) You'll eat anything 


A lot of Westerners are incredibly picky eaters. You probably lost that pickiness somewhere between the pig brain and the duck's blood soup. 

By the way, I highly recommend both of these dishes. 

6) You stop placing your bag on the ground


Chinese people rarely place their purses, bags, or backpacks on the ground. They usually place them on a chair or desk. 

This is definitely a habit a lot of expats pick up while living in China. 

7) You walk in front of traffic 


Waiting for cars? Ain't nobody got time for that.

8) You yell for the waitress


If you don't shout fuwuyuan at the top of your lungs, you're not getting served. This is one thing I still struggle with. It goes against every fiber of my being. 

There's a good chance that fuwuyuan was one of the first words you learned in Mandarin. 

9) You drive a hard bargain


You will fight tooth and nail at the market to save that two kuai. It's probably a good chunk of your salary anyway. 

10) You call yourself a foreigner 


When you came to China, you thought of the Chinese people as foreigners. Anyone not from your own country was, in your mind, a foreigner. After living in China for a while, you begin to see yourself as the foreigner. Suddenly you are referring to any person that is not Chinese as a foreigner, even when you go home.