Harbin is one of EH Guru’s favorite destinations, located in the northeast of China. It is the China's most popular winter destination with activities such as skiing and ice festival.


Being the Ice city and the popular winter destination of China, Harbin is famous for its very cold winters, ice and snow sculptures and exotic architecture. Now, it is the best tourist seasons in Harbin. Airplanes and trains are very convenient to Harbin. Before you go, do you know what most rewarding things to do in Harbin are?

Let EH Guru introduce to you !!!

  1. Skiing Fun  


Skiing Fun  

As a potential candidate for the 2022 Winter Olympic, Harbin has a long snowing period and boasts one of the best and largest ski resorts in China’s Yabuli Ski Resort.

       2. Wonderland of Ice and Snow 


Every year, the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival officially opens on 5th of January and lasts for one month. Sun Island Scenic Spot features snow sculptures, while the Grand World of Ice and Snow features ice sculptures. All create a wonderland of ice and snow. At Zhaolin Park, people will be amazed at the ice lanterns of Disney cartoon characters.

  3. Watch Winter Swimming  


It is very interesting to see swimmers in their bathing suites swimming in the freezing water, while surrounding them are ice and snow, and people are wearing very heavy coats.

  4.Exotic Architecture and Shopping  


Due to its geographic location, many Russian goods such as Russian dolls, lacquerware and jewelries can also be found in Harbin, especially at Chinese Russian Market.

  5. Relish in a Local or Western Restaurant  


Influenced by Russian, Mongolian and definitely, North China cuisines, Harbin food has distinctive features and the dishes are usually stewed, fumigated or pickled in sauce.

  Travel Tips  

In Harbin, the winter temperature will be from -25°C (-13°F) to -10°C (14°F), and that is without the wind chill! Hence, thermal underwear, gloves, (scarves, earmuffs), hats, (facemasks), and thick arctic clothing and boots are the necessary items to carry. Ski boots would be the ideal. In order to prevent snow blindness, you have to wear sunglasses or still snow glasses.

  Drink plenty of fluids  

Despite of the cold weather, it is very dry in Harbin (average humidity is 2%).

  Frostbite prevention  

If your hands or feet start feeling chilled, do some exercise to warm them up or go indoors. If your hands, feet, ears, nose, or other extremities, start losing sense due to the cold, do not toast or wash them with hot water. Ideally, retreat to a warmer indoor environment and rub them vigorously to restore the circulation slowly.

  Protect your camera batteries  

The average in January is high in Harbin, which is -13°C (8°F). The cold saps the battery life. Usually, a fully charged camera battery will last for 50 shots (without flash), but in these cold conditions around 25 shots will work. If you take the battery out and warm it for a while, you may be able to take another 10 shots. You can try repeating this action. It is also recommended, that you keep the camera inside your down jacket when not using it. The more batteries you have, the more photos your camera allow you to take, as those keep the camera warm. 

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