Whether you are aiming to conquer the Meili snow mountain peaks or simply stroll among the breathtaking scenic trails to reenergize your body, Benzilan is where you can immerse yourself with the Tibetan locale. Our EH Guru can’t help but so badly want to share her unique winter journey of Shangri-La with you.

  Hiking and picnic lunch in Tibetan forest  

The rushing warm sunshine in the room woke EH Guru up early morning from a long and deep sleep. EH Guru couldnt help but love this amazing place after opening the window, facing the beautiful mountains and eating breakfast enjoying the awesome sights. 


EH Guru’s today’s adventure began at 11:00 AM by hiking into a forest. On the way to the campsite, she met with ice and clean river. When the sunshine was still warm, she picked a pine as a Christmas gift.


After 2 hours of a relaxed hiking, EH Guru happened to meet beautiful sights in altitude 3100-3400m along with limped spring water, which the bottom can be seen easily. When she arrived at the campsite on the popped up snow mountain, a hot pot of delicious warm chicken was waiting for EH Guru.


The guide told EH Guru the best time for hiking is from July to September. Though, you can pick mushrooms by yourself, if you arrive in August. There will be an astonishing variety finds its way from the mountains and meadows: from exquisite matsutake and shiitake mushrooms that command a premium price in Japan to highly sought-after chanterelles and boletes.


  Tibetan painting  

Getting back to the resort, EH Guru experienced a Tibetan painting. The clumsy girl, EH Guru finally completed her first Tibetan painting with the help of a kind local teacher. Not too bad huh?


  Discover the Hidden Tibet an village  

The guide took EH Guru to Shangri La Benzilan village. EH Guru had an amazing time with the locale, as Benzillan is more attractive for most visitors.


The village, as seen out the window of a bus passing along the Zhongdian-Deqin route, might not seem different from many other small Chinese villages one merely passes through, but get off here and you will be well rewarded. For one, given that it lies on the bank of the Jinsha River, it is at the lowest altitude in the area and is considerably warmer than Deqin or Zhongdian in winter.


Stray from the typical modern Chinese architecture of the main road and head down the hill to the river and you will pass many charming traditional houses, friendly locals and yapping guard dogs.


The cows are free of control and walk around freely and lightheartedly. The houses of local Tibetans are glorious and colorful, actually, they are the loyal tyrant.


  Looking for the snub-nosed monkeys  

Have you heard of Yunnan snub-nosed monkey? Only 3000 left in the world. This was EH Guru’s first time face-to-face with these cute, amazing babies.


Snub-nosed monkeys live in Asia, they get their name from the short stump of a nose on their round faces, with nostrils arranged forward. They inhabit mountain forests up to a height of 4,000 m, in the winter moving into the deeply secluded regions.


These monkeys spend the majority of their life in the trees, defending their territory mostly with shouts. The diet of these animals consists mainly of tree needles, bamboo buds, fruits, and leaves. Looking at them jumping and relaxing in nature is a wonderful experience.


  Yak butter lamp making  

Back to the resort, EH Guru experienced another local art in the Expert-led workshop where she designed a Yak butter lamp by herself, hoping her blessings can be connected to the lamp.



   A journey to Mt Meili  

The Meili Snow Mountains is a holy land of pilgrimage for Tibetan Buddhists. In the 1930s, they were praised by American scholars as the most beautiful mountains in the world. It is a good place to enjoy breathtaking scenery and feel the Tibetan culture.


At the Meili Snow Mountains, the golden sunrise on its dramatic snow-capped peaks is a must-see for most tourists. First golden sunlight shines over Kawagebo, the highest peak of Meili snow mountain, and then spreads quickly over the 13 peaks.


After a long journey, EH Guru arrived at Mt Meili. It was so cold but wonderful. Against the backdrop of the dark-blue sky, the spectacular scenery is astonishing and holy. The experience in Mt Meili made this trip an unforgettable journey. 

  LUX* Benzilan  

EH Guru’s unique winter journey of Shangri-La was contributed to the resort. Are you curious about the place EH Guru stayed during her trip? It's Lux* Tea Horse Road Benzillan.


At the core of Lux* Tea Horse Road, lies the promise of exploring nature at its best by Introducing reinvigorating experiences set to enlighten the spirit and nurture the body.


A gateway to the glacier of Meili Snow Mountain National Park, this luxury boutique hotel is located at the entrance of Benzilan town. Considered the only mountain retreat of the area, the hotel encompasses local culture across the main building’s architectural elements coupled with signature LUX* service inspired by unrivaled Tibetan hospitality.


The valley offers mild climatic conditions throughout the year, making it the perfect base to explore the surrounding glaciers or venture off the beaten tracks on hidden mountain trails. Originally famous along the Tea Horse Road for its sturdy and fearless horsemen, Benzilan has preserved its authenticity and opens an extraordinary window onto the Tibetan culture to those ready to venture along the LUX* Tea Horse Road.




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