Huai'an City has a historical background thatcan be traced back to the Xia Dynasty. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of primitive human activity inthis area dating back approximately 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. During the QingDynasty (683-1840), Huai’an was one of four major municipal centers along theYangtze River in China, the others being Yangzhou, Suzhou and Hangzhou. As anexplorer, it was difficult for me to resist such a wonderful place.


A shop with amazing handicrafts in Hexia Ancient Town

Huai’an is situated in Northern JiangsuProvince and borders Anhui Province to the southwest. It is a two hour drive toNanjing – the provincial capital of Jiangsu - and approximately four hours toShanghai.


Senior citizens enjoying Mahjong (Huai’an Hexia Ancient Town)

Huai’an has historically been an economicbackbone of China thanks to its agriculturally productive land and the GrandCanal. During the 6th and 7th century, Huai’an was also credited with stabilizingthe economy with its logistical activity. Some of its industries include produceand livestock agriculture, aquatic products and forestry. The city has gainednational recognition for its organic products, cultural values and intricatecanal system..


An archaic ship at China Water Transport Museum (Huai’an)

Huai’an has excellent infrastructure, including thenorth-south Xin-Chang Railway line, opened in 2005. Additionally, the city hasfive significant highways that link Huai’an to its neighboring cities. The Huai’anport is one of the most active commercial ports in China, handling marinetraffic on the Grand Canal and the North Jiangsu Irrigation Channel.


Night view: Hexia Ancient Town

Huai’an’s tourist industry has grownsteadily thanks to its cultural diversity, attractive scenic areas, uniquearchitecture, beautiful handicrafts, and the receptive attitude of its localstowards foreigners. I would highly recommend a trip to Huai’an to bothforeigners and Chinese people. The Hexia Old Town is the best place to explorein order to get a sense of the cultural mosaic of Huai’an. Another notableattraction to visit is the China Marine Transport Museum which showcases theancient logistic systems and the ships used throughout history as Huai’an developed and grew into the important hub that it is today.