Eastern Tibet exhibits some distinct characteristics and this place is entirely different from the other parts of Tibet. The climate is strikingly unique, the geography is interesting and the biodiversity is rich and intriguing. The green landscape is stunning and every frame needs to be captured.  A pride of Tibet and a remarkable landmark for all of Asia, Eastern Tibet can be rightly called the “Swiss-Alps of Asia”.


Nyingchi – Topography, Climate And Biodiversity

Tibet’s southeast area has an important landmark and Nyingchi City deserves special mention. Three famous mountain ranges are located here and quite naturally it became Tibet’s Switzerland. The mountains, the chilly climate and the overall vibe of Nyingchi make it stunning. Life has prospered in this fertile land and the sun has been very kind to the people of this area. The water of the lake is crystal clear and the green mountains are perfect to support different forms of life. Himalaya combines with Tangula to form a colossal dragon and the Henduan range joins the two in the eastern part.

Must-visit Places In Nyingchi



Tibet has many amazing spots, but Drakum-tso is the most scenic of them all. This alpine lake falls in the steep mid-upper regions of bar River, which is Niyang River’s largest tributary. The breathtaking scenery calls tourists from all over and many trips are available to Draksum-tso. The ice supply is ample here and glaciers move freely in the background of green forests. Rare wildlife is found here and it includes musk deer, leopard, bharal, etc.

World King Cypress


According to folklore, the oldest religion of the world is Bon and World King Cypress has seen its birth. This cypress occupies a height of 50m and the diameter is around 5.8m. The tree is ages old and the pilgrims consider it holy.

Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival


Nature is truly amazing at this time between February and March.  Nyingchi peach blossom festival is organized by local residents and some enthusiastic tourists also take part in this extravaganza. The rose-colored peach blossoms can be enjoyed and the pastoral scenery is a true delight for the eyes.

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

Having a dangerous death of about 5,000 meters, YarlungTsangpo Grand Canyon is longer and higher than Grand Canyon. The mountains are snowy and green and the peaks often touch the clouds. The area is marked by unusual biodiversity, amazing mountain belts and some mysterious cultures.  

Mount Namjagbarwa


This is arguably the most gorgeous mountain situated in China.  Mount Namjagbarwa is perfect for photography and accommodation facilities are easily available here. 

Midui Glacier 


Mountains to lakes and glaciers, Tibet is indeed an intriguing place. Situated in the bustling Yipu Town, 100km away for, Bome, the ice basin attracts visitors from all parts of the globe.

Tibet can give a feeling of heaven on Earth and Easter Tibet is truly magical. Experience life here and visit the major attractions to have an unforgettable vacation for your wonderful Tibet travel.

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