What do you want to do to celebrate the New Year? u1F389.png

Some people might say they would rather stay home and be a couch potato on New Year’s Eve, while others might feel bored and wouldn’t mind attending New Year celebrations around town to do something different this year! 

Rest assured, there’s always plenty to do and find this time of year!

Also, it’s a three-day holiday from December 30, 2018, to January 1, 2019!!


In celebration of this once-a-year moment, we collected the best things you can do in 7 trendy cities in and around China.

From watching the fireworks and going to NYE concerts to listening to live music while dancing the night away and treating yourself to a nice gourmet dinner, there’s plenty to keep yourself occupied.



The place


 The Imperial Ancestral Temple


Recommended places:

Blue Harbor蓝色港湾, the temple of heaven天坛, international trade phase III国贸三期, Jiaotai temple戒台寺, The place 世贸天阶, the Imperial Ancestral Temple太庙


Shanghai is certainly on the list of the most festive places in China.

The New Year's Eve fireworks at Disneyland is a memorable sea of color.


A light show and balloon launch at the Oriental Pearl Tower.


Shanghai Chenghuang temple's New Year's eve blessing activities attract tourists from all over the world every year. Then, they do have some snacks and hang out by the Huangpu river to watch the fireworks.

Expect a lot of NYE parties at Shanghai Waitan No.18.


Recommended places: 

Shanghai Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Tianzifang, Xintiandi, Chenghuang Temple, Central building, Nanjing West Road, Huaihai road.



A lot of people gather around the Guangzhou tower next to the Zhujiang river every New Year's Eve. When midnight approaches, you’ll hear people cheer, see them hug, and welcome the new year with excitement and joy.


Changlong, Panyu, Guangzhou is also a good place to celebrate the New Year.


Recommended places: 

Changlong, Guangzhou tower, Baiyun mountain, Citic Tower, the Pearl River.


The window of the world has a New Year's Eve party every year.



Shenzhen Happy Valley


Splendid Chinese folk village's national tide lighting music food festival.



To get a good start to the New Year, many people go to Nanjing's Niushou mountain park or the Dabaoen temple on the last day of each year and ring the bell to pray. The solemn bell rings across the sky, which also solidifies people's step towards 2019.


Recommended places:

Ginkgo lake park, Niushoushan park, Dapaoen temple, Zifeng building, Xinjiekou.



Chongqing Jiefangbei New Year's Eve activities are quite historic, as the most iconic building in Chongqing, Jiefangbei, is of great significance. The Jiefangbei bells countdown to the New Year — this has become a tradition among Chongqing people.


Recommended places:

Chongqing Jiefangbei, Happy Valley, Bayi Road, Minquan Road重庆解放碑、欢乐谷、八一路、民权路


Chunxilu 春熙路


Nine eyes bridge bar street.

Listen to the song, drink wine, and toast to the future.


Recommended places:

Chunxi road, Jiuyan bridge, Tianfu square, Happy Valley, DuJiangyan International Light Fair



Hong Kong is about to launch thousands of pyrotechnic shells in the splendid 2019 New Year Fireworks Display.  Having seen the night view of Victoria Harbour before, I know you will fall in love with Hong Kong in a heartbeat. The dense high-rise buildings with colorful lights provide an immense visual shock in a very, very good way.


Every year, the Victoria Harbour fireworks extravaganza is out of this world! From 11:00 PM on December 31, meteors and fireworks will fly across the harbor every 15 minutes. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, mind-blowing fireworks will echo the "3, 2, 1" chorus of tens of thousands of people.



During the day, you can go to the old downtown street, Gogol Road, to take a stroll around town.


At night, you can go to the big world of ice and snow to enjoy the New Year's Eve fireworks and count down to zero with the rest of the shouting crowd. When the fireworks in the sky blow up over the colorful ice sculptures, the whole park suddenly becomes a warm and happy ocean.


Recommended places: 

Ice and snow world, central street, Gogol street.


Older people like to ring bells at the Jingci temple or climb the Lei Feng pagoda to pray for good luck in the coming year.


Young people, on the other hand, prefer to take part in the countdown to zero in a few busy places like the Wulin Square and the National University City Square to wish others around them a happy new year.


Both sides of the Qiantang river provide a remarkable light show with the West Lake Music Fountain in all its glory living up to expectations.

Recommended places:

Wulin Square, Guotai City Square, Jingci Temple, Leifeng Pagoda, both sides of the Qiantang River. 武林广场、国大城市广场、净慈寺、雷峰塔、钱塘江两岸滨江区段


But don’t get too excited! Please take care of your belongings and beware of thefts and trampling on crowded streets.

Let us know about any other recommendations for the cities we’ve mentioned in this article in the comment section below, and any other cities you think are worth visiting for this occasion!


The GiC team wished you a happy new year!


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